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My expectation when I first enrolled in INN345 – Enterprise 2.0 was obtaining an understanding of Web 2.0 and its adaptation in my field of interest, libraries and information services. Six weeks have passed, apart from being an assessment item for the subject, this blog post is hoped to convey my personal observation and remarks on my journey heading to that destination.

My personal branding: how has it been enhanced by web 2.0?

“Digital presence”, being ‘searchable in the internet’, is very fascinating but challenging. It requires that you have to expose yourself more in the virtual world. Things of your personal and professional life are going to be accessed, judged and even retrieved and maintained by a stranger.

Although working in an information center, I was not a fan of web 2.0. However, I have been encouraged to take more steps into the virtual world. Together with Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and Bloglines accounts, I had signed up for LinkedIn (under a fake name) in an attempt to explore this site. However, I then decide to create an account at CyVee (a Vietnamese-version of LinkedIn).

Weekly workshops activities: participation and contribution

Due to my ineffective time management, limited knowledge of Web 2.0 and language capacity, I have not had a regular participation and contribution to weekly workshop activities.  However, I have tried to explore the materials recommended for each week and my other classmates’ blogs. Although it did not result in a high number of blog posts, this activity has indeed broadened my understanding of Enterprise 2.0 and inspired my critical thinking of its adaption to the context of libraries and information centers. This can be reflected in my blog posts about web 2.0 in library context.

Ability to appraise Web2.0 strategies and solutions for organisational and personal success.

I had an offer from my manager to make a proposal for applying web 2.0 to my workplace, a learning resource center in Vietnam. It was the result of a discussion on Skype, in which I presented on what I had obtained from this unit so far. Fortunately, this offer suits the second assessment item.

I am now really enthusiastic in researching on Web 2.0 strategies and solutions for non-profit organizations. Therefore, I would like to be in a group with some of my classmates, who have the same interest for the second assignment. Hopefully, this collaboration result in a good proposal not only for the assessment of this unit but also for the implementation in real word.

Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including  people outside of QUT) using Web 2.0 tools and techniques.

I have tried to network with other classmates by visiting and commenting their blog. In return, there were comments for my blog post by my lecturer and classmate.

I recommending Enterprise 2.0 Community blog and my blog to my colleagues in Hue LRC.

Leadership via the ability to contribute to the structure and format of the workshop activities, and the smooth running of the online community.

Although it is a requirement that INN students express the leadership ability in online community, I have not been able to contribute the development of the structure and format of the workshop activities. The reasons are my limited knowledge and lack of confidence. I hope that this will be improved in the following weeks.

Resolution for the following weeks

– Improve the participation in weekly activities by writing more posts and commenting on other classmates’ blogs.

– Enhance the contribution to Enterprise 2.0 Community by making active participation in the discussion board.

– Research for materials for the second assignments.

–  Find other people of the same interest by using Twitter to raise questions and searching on the internet for good blogs on that topic.


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